Small Engine Service & Repair


Yearly Maintenance on items such as a lawn motor and or snow blower will keep your machine running smooth and lasting for years to come. From tune ups in spring for your mower to tunes ups in fall for your snowblower. Let us change the oil filters or replace your spark plugs to keep everything running smooth.    

Snowblower Repair   

Don’t wait until the first huge blizzard to realize your snowblower is not working properly. Often times snowblowers can tend to be overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Don’t let your driveway become totally covered with no snow removal in sight. When the snow hits you need your blower to properly function. Don’t ever hesitate to bring it in, to ensure a snow cleared drive.  

Below are some red flags that your snowblower can benefit from our expertise in maintenance:                         
  • Does the engine shut down? If an engine only runs for a short time, it’s a possible problem with the carburetor.                       
  • Is your snowblower not clearing snow efficiently? This may indicate a problem with the augur, chute, drive belt, or control cable                     
  • Is the engine running “rough?” An ignition system failure, carburetor issue, or valve problem is a possible culprit here.            
  • Snowblower not self-propelling properly? Let us restore your snowblower’s self-propel feature to proper working condition, to clear your driveway and sidewalk as efficiently as possible.                      
  • Snowblower simply not starting? This is common and could indicate a number of factors. Our service techs are trained in every area of small engine repair. Let us get your machine back to good working order, and fast!      


Lawn mower Repair           

Is your mower smoking or refusing to start? Bring it by for us to renew your machine. It will come back to you in better condition that it came to us! A working piece is a perfect piece. Here at Small Engine Express we work on every make and model of lawn mower. 

Below are some red flags that your lawnmower can benefit from our expertise in maintenance:              
  • Requiring more than about 10 pulls for the engine to fire.                     
  • A sputtering engine- your mower is more than likely not getting the proper amount of air and fuel. This is almost always due to a dirty air filter and carburetor.                     
  • Knocking noises – this is a great indicator that your mower needs more oil or is overheating.                 
  • A smoking engine- this is an indication the carburetor is burning too much gas or oil. A proper working mower should never smoke.                  
  • Dull blades- This is often overlooked. These blades should be regularly sharpened before each mowing season. Dull blades only mean your mower will work harder.         


Tractor Repair 

We can restore your tractor back to efficient working order. Proper care of a tractor can add many years to its life. Maintaining a tractor and a vehicle are quite different. There is no all-in-one guide that applies to fixing tractors. We are experts in tractor repair. We are experienced in multiple brands and stay educated on the latest tractor repair services. 

Weed Wackers, Blowers & Edgers    

Want to keep your small engine yard equipment such as: weed wacker, leaf blower, edger functioning season after season? Maintenance is the key to keeping any small engine in perfect working order.  Any gas power engine needs to be started to keep it in good working order during the down seasons.  



Be geared up for power outages during rain storm, winter blizzards, or to simply power up backyard party. A generator is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have to help you be prepared for any situation.  Generators have many features and moving parts that need seasonal preventive maintenance.  Gas powered engines are especially vulnerable if not started periodically.  Load bank testing is recommended intermittently to ensure generator is providing accurate electrical output.


We offer detailed preventive maintenance and repairs on all small engine equipment.  If you don’t see your equipment listed hear, call us to see if you can handle your repair.